After a week of fun family time and gathering, I’m now in the throes of clean up.  What about you?  I have Christmas EVERYWHERE and must say, I’m overwhelmed. One of my New Year’s Resolutions (are you doing those this year?) is to be more organized and get rid of some of my junk.

So I’ve started yanking it all down in order to pack it up for next year. I’m storing ornaments in shirt boxes and so far, have 5 (count them, 5!) boxes full of just ball ornaments and still have a ways to go. Ugh.

I started wondering how other people organized their junk stuff. Because my mess is a little overwhelming!

So I perused Pinterest and found these ideas:

Source: via Melody on Pinterest

Anyone have any spare egg cartons?

Or how about this one?

Source: via Melody on Pinterest

Brilliant! Just use punch cups for those fragile ornaments! I’ll probably be spending part of my New Year’s organizing. But I must admit, it feels good!

What about you? How do you cleanup? Let’s pass around some ideas!

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