If you have tried every every method known to mankind to get your child to sleep through the night to no avail, I have good news for you.

Sleeping thru the night...Finally

The past 6 months are mostly a blur thanks to the birth of my son.  As anyone with children knows, having a child can be the absolutely best thing that ever happens to you. And also the hardest.

I can handle the spit up, poopy diapers and even the incessant crying.  What I can’t handle however, is the sleep deprivation. Couple that with a little postpartum, and boom, you have a recipe for a disaster in my opinion.

A new friend of mine from Atlanta recently gave me the most wonderful gift. The Gift of Knowledge. I’m pretty sure we have tried most of the methods out there to get our son to sleep through the night. Babywise, Baby Whisperer, Cry it Out (etc, etc) but nothing worked for my son. He wasn’t dropping the midnight and 3AM feedings.


Becky told me about two moms (both also Pediatric Nurses!)  in Atlanta called Moms on Call that have raised 8 kids between them (2 sets of twins) and have helped hundreds (did you get that? hundreds) of parents to get their children to sleep through the night. Check out their program here. My son not only sleeps through the night now, but takes 2 hour naps during the day! Did you get that? 2 Hour Naps! Such an answer to prayer! I was able to download the program for only $29. (Apparently if you’re in the Atlanta area, they will make house calls too!) The have programs for infants up to 5 year-olds. I promise you, it’s the best money I have ever spent.

PLEASE share this with your friends or anyone with a child that won’t sleep.  They will thank you for it!