Want to chat?  Join my circle! Grab a cup of joe and join the fun. (or hey, grab Joe for all I care).  My latest goal in life is to pass around the scoop. The fun stuff. You know the kind.

Corporate executive turned stay at home mommy for now, my passions include my family, ministry work, decorating, tennis, shopping, hopscotch (no, just kidding!), writing and especially my 6 month old son.

Power tools scare me to death and crafts that take more than a few hours are off my list.  So if you see something here that I can do, you can probably do it better! 🙂

I’m new to blogging so please bear with me as I navigate the blogosphere! If you’re feeling generous and can help me navigate these waters, PLEASE (can you hear me begging?!) email me. I was on blogger and switched over to WordPress so I’m a little behind.

Want to share information you think is important? Email me at ChattyChicsBlog@gmail.com.     

Melody & Jeffrey Jr.

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